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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

The previous post featured a basic model of a house as it stands at the moment. Now, we look at the materials that can be uploaded with it. The whole design concept has advanced to the point of having a clear final picture, all the focus will now go into construction details. The model is uploaded using #Modelo_io software for embedded HTML.

Transforming the small attic into a self-sufficient apartment was the main goal of the first stage. Cross-laminated timber or #CLT as it is known is chosen as the main construction material for the roof structure. Having chosen the outlook for the top floor, the question which arises is what color scheme to choose for the rest of the building. Above is an attempt to go for "dark wood - gray lime plaster - light wood" combination, as it visually represents the principal of heavy base versus the light top.

The main feature of the down-hill facing facade is a big wooden frame, which emphasizes the great views of the surrounding valleys. Meanwhile, the opposite facade had the main problem of not having any order to it. Symmetry was achieved by having shifted darker wood frames around existing windows, which put the frame center in-plane with the attic window center, thus accentuating the relation between the left and right sides.

Altho the building has always had three stories, there was never any stair involved. The current task is to design and position stairs at the East side of the building, so it doesn't draw too much attention to itself but still respects the overall design. Tell us about your opinion or solution proposal for such a role.

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